28 January 2010

Yay For Weight Loss

Well it's been about a week, I know... "[I] suck", since I last posted here. I have been posting along with the brewer Thomas at The Art Of Brew somewhat more regularly, and as things settle in life a bit I will be hammering away at both Cycling Phun and The Art Of Brew. Then again, it is the winter in Ohio, really quite cold, and kinda crappy. Not a whole lot of riding going on right now to report. The weather has been just cold enough to suck, but just warm enough to be slushy snow and ground that won't freeze. Soft ground+cold rain=no bueno por ciclismo.

Luckily I have been getting back into core workouts (which, honestly, is a part of the reason the posts have been sparse), eating better and less, drinking less beer (surprisingly! I've really been writing about it more than I've been drinking it) and such, and it really is paying off. I can't promise once we get the brewery sculpture built I'll fair so well on the drinking part, but... Regardless of what might happen, right now I'm back on my way to some sort of fitness. I'm back down into the 180's, high 180's, but 180's nonetheless. I can already see the fat bump going away, and feel my abs tightening. The core exercises that were killing me just a week ago, now feel "good". I say "good", because I mean they've transitioned from the pain that lingers, to the lighter pain that turns to a really sweet-ass burn when resting.

I am actually at a point now, where I am SO anxious for the weather to break so I could start turning cranks again outdoors. Likewise, still looking to trade a set of rollers or sell a set of rollers so I can acquire a trainer. If you know of anyone who might be interested, use the "you can contact me by clicking here" button in the upper right hand corner of the sidebar on the right. Hope y'all are doing well, and thanks as always for your readership!


Lily on the Road said...

Rant away!

I agree with getting outside, I've been crosstraining by snowshoeing, xcountry skiing and spinning. When I drove home yesterday I was looking at dry pavement thinking "wow" wonder if I should get the bike out!

Good for you on the weight loss, I haven't been on the scales for a little while, but I can tell I'm losing....

Bluenoser said...

I agree rant away... it's now feb. Post.