20 December 2009

Twenty Days Later

Yeah, I suck. What can I say. My life is on indefinite hold and chaotic all at the same time. Make sense? No? OK, let me try to explain here. I work HR (recruiting, benefits, etc - full scale HR) for a living, the economy sucks (expletive deleted) with a straw, because of this my job sucks hard. With that in mind I've been picking up side jobs where I can, and doing what I need to, dig? likewise the ol' lady picked up something. It all helps to get by, but it suck big time when you're trying to hold a weight loss plan, or something resembling normality. Hence the posting has suffered.

As far as the weight loss? Yeah, that has suffered too. Just when I thought I was turning a corner, BOOM! It all blew up again. So, I have been less than perfect at the whole working out scene, and forget eating well. I mean, I guess I have been eating OK, but not like I should. I have managed to keep constant at just either side of 192, but I want to be at 170, so...

Lastly, for today, I am thinking about ditching the rollers in lieu of a trainer. I just can't concentrate in my home enough to ride 'em. A trainer would be SO much easier. So if anyone is interested in trading a trainer for rollers, buying a set of rollers, or something along these lines, please message me at the "contact me" button on the upper right hand corner.


Red Bike said...

I might be intrested in the rollers.

I've not really got a trainer to swap for them. Although you will probably see my Tacx Fortius (can't spell) up on ebay soon. I just don't use it.

Big Clyde said...

No worries, Phun. I can't imagine a worse occupation to be in right now, given the toll it takes on the psyche. I suggest you just keep maintaining and give yourself a new date in the near future to "re-boot". Don't look backward.

I've also found the cold and the busyness of the season to be challenging to my efforts. So far, I am down three pounds, but hoped I'd be further along. How are the others doing?