22 March 2010

Something Wicked Cool, That Might Just Come In Handy

OK, so I know that this is a week old, or so, but I have been playing around with this and just LOVE it! For those of you who might not have heard, might be living in a box, or are generally not on the internet or don't own a computer (wait... if you don't have a computer I guess you wouldn't be reading this). Anyway, recently the gods at Google updated their Google Maps program to include directions by bicycle. This includes the best routes from point A to point B by bicycle, as well and mapping out any of the transportation trails in the area. Like this:See all the cool green lines in the photo? That's where there are bike specific lanes, or bike paths in the area surrounding Cleveland. Pretty cool, eh?

You just go to Google Maps, and where there is the "more button" on the upper right corner of the map by the "Map", "Satellite", etc, buttons. Click the "More" button and check the "Bicycle" box. That simple!

OH! If someone from Google happens to be reading this; I just had a birthday and would love one of these
if you could please... and a fluid trainer, but that's another story.

1 comment:

Harp said...

I haven't had a chance to play with it yet but it I could see it coming in very handy. Especially for someone like me who is always lost.