17 March 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day! I'm Going Freakin' MAD!

Hello all! I was actually just thinking about letting this bad boy go for another ten days, just so I could see that it's been a full month since my last post, but I couldn't do it. I know that so many of you out there are hanging on my every word, that it's been breaking your hearts to have me absent for such a span of time. Please note: This has ALL been sarcasm. Truth is, I often wonder if I just pulled the blog what would happen? Then I look at my analytics, and see how many people are checking in, and I feel like I can't. Furthermore, I feel guilty for not giving people who are checking it something to read, then I wonder why the hell I'm so lucky to have people reading it, then I feel bad again, luck, bad, lucky...

So the bottom line, as always, is this; I will continue to write if you continue to read. Things will be getting better, more interesting, and more frequent. (Lord, if you are listening... HELP!) Part of the issue has been I really haven't had the time to ride with some of the current events in my life, with the current climate (weather and economy) being the way they are, and coming off of a WAY too short, but much needed, one week vacation. My hope and prayer is to get back half way into the shape I was this time last year. I'm ten pounds (and change) up on where I was, and I promise that my muscle tone is way hurting too.

So the plan? To hit the bike again this summer. Hopefully harder than last year. I would like to get weekly rides, and would like them to truly be weekly this year. I want to get the damn weight bench I was supposed to get last summer, and use it. Who knows, I might even go veg again for a while. I'd probably go pseudo-vegetarian and fish, possibly chicken, but who knows. I just know that there needs to be change again, and no time is better than the present!

With that, please keep in touch, and let me know what you think and what you're up to in the comments, and I hope to deliver a better Q2-Q4 in 2010!

All my best!

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Bluenoser said...

You are alive. And I'm happy about it.