01 September 2009

Gaining Fitness Takes Time, Losing Fitness... Not So Much

I would pay to find out the answer to the following: Why is it so #@&$ing hard, and time consuming to gain fitness, but losing fitness can happen, seemingly, overnight? Seriously? I can't be the only person to notice this. I worked like hell to get into something resembling fit. In about four months of working two jobs, having to stay home with the kids while the wife is at work/school, etc, etc, and not having the time to be as on top of the working out it has all but gone to pot.

I'm not going to say that I am a slob fat-ass like I was before, but I was nearing the lean stage heading toward cut. Now I am in the not lean stage, heading away from cut. I haven't gotten "fat" yet, I just have noticed a loss in muscle and a gain in fat for a zero net gain/loss. The problem, if you know the whole fat/muscle gig, is that muscle weighs about twice that of fat. So for me staying around the 180 mark, I am getting a bit more squishy at 180 than I was just this past March.

Not to mention, having been off the bike for about a month, I can't get over how quickly you get cooked. I did a ten or so run, before I lost sunlight, and I felt every hill that I climbed. I think part of it goes along with the loss of fitness. So, bottom line is I think we need to have another Lean Look Challenge or something. Would anyone else be in? I'd like to see a minimum of three to five people, nothing crazy, just keep people accountable, and I'll work on a prize for the winner.

Drop me a line, or hit me up in comments if you're interested.


Red Bike said...

I'm in.

I'm not normally into dieting and I don't do training rides. However, I've noticed my clothings getting that little bit too tight and i'm a lot slower than I was.

It's time to either buy new clothes and lighter bike parts in order to keep up OR loose some weight and put some miles in.

Oddly enough I seem to favour the new kit option but as i'm skint I think I'm stuck with having to put some effort in instead.

Bluenoser said...

Just got started myself for cross season. So your on. Don't bother sending me a prize, the mail here doesn't seem to work. ;-)


Cycling Phun said...

Bluenoser hates me...
Rightfully so. I'll catch you on the facebook sometime soon.

Bluenoser said...

Now Phunster. What would make you say that.

Who could hate you. I hate boats.