08 September 2009

New Langsters Are Out (Déjà Vu?)

So I still really want to get a single speed/fixie. It's something I've been wanting to do for about a year now. You may remember that last year I posted a blog stating that The New Langsters Are Out. I talked about how I really liked the Langster, but then flipped it and railed on the bike because I thought the '09 designs were pretty lame. Not this year! Now, it's time for the 2010 Langster, and once again Specialized has changed up the lineup of cities they are paying tribute to. I yanked the pictures directly from the Specialized website, and am hoping that they don't sue the crap out of me. Did I mention that every one of the three bikes I've bought in the last two years have been Specialized?

So this year Specialized added three new Langsters to the Quiver; L.A., Moscow, and a steel setup. So I guess I'll start with L.A.
Why start there? It's my least favorite of the three. Before you think I'm being critical, I really do NOT like the white tires. Yeah that's about it. Outside of that, I think it's style is reminiscent of part Independent Fabrication, and part Twin Six. Very cool. I'd ride it, but I'd change the rubber out first.

Next up I'll take on the Moscow. The faux Russian writing, and the star and sickle seem a bit over the top for me, but a very clean design, and pretty nice and classic looking.

Finally, the newest of the Langster lineup isn't a city at all. The newest of the Langster lineup is a Steel Langster!
That's right, boys and girls, a VERY classic looking steel frame and fork set up. This thing reminds me of the Peugeot my dad rode from the late 70's/early 80's. This might be one of the hotter, retro bikes I've seen in a while. I actually saw this on the Specialized website, and just stared. There may be nicer, more expensive models out there, but this is the SS/Fixie I'd drop my cash on.

How much cash? Funny you'd ask. The Steel starts at $440 for the frameset (red and naked steel) $660 fully built, a base Langster is available for $720 (black like my soul), the two city models are $770 and the S-Works frameset version is $990. For more info check out the Specialized Langster Page.


Bluenoser said...

Send me the steel.

That and two pounds of hundred dollar bills.


Dave said...

I have a basic 09 Langster. I think the new models are slightly down-speced (saddle, seat post).

The steel version is a terrific throwback (and a sop, in a way, to those who think building a bike is better than buying a complete bike).

But I like the basic version, both the black 2010 model and the one I have, in polished aluminum - both models make the statement that they are minimalist bikes.