03 September 2008

New Langsters Are Out

So I often have a problem with the filter between my brain and my mouth. With that said I'll attempt, my damnedest, to keep this fairly clean and tolerable. I was going to take picts of the bike at Spin, but I found them and yanked the pictures from The Bicycle Escapes blog. I hope they don't mind.
So this year Specialized added three new Langsters to the family; Tokyo, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. So I guess a good place to start would be the one of three that I actually found pretty tolerable. The Langster Tokyo is actually kind of bad ass. I saw it in the window at Spin, and from a distance I thought they got some crazy Calfee Bamboo bike or something. Once I got closer I saw the Japanese character on the top tube. I have to admit, I could see myself rocking a bike that looked like this. It was well put together from an aesthetic standpoint, I'm still not 100% sure what the components were on it though. Unfortunately that's where my positives end.
The San Francisco is atrocious. It's a nightmare. It looks like something that should be hanging under a black light at Spencer Gifts. It totally looks like they made a men's bike with feminine details. Finally, the polished turd of the `09 Langsters; The Vague Ass, er, Vegas. I just can't get into this thing. Where to start? Gaudy gold "Vegas influenced(?!)" accessories. Poker ships, dice, and cards on the seat tube and down tube. It looks like something a comic book character should be riding.
I know I'm being hugely critical here, and I hope I don't turn people off, but for as cool as the Langsters of past have been, these three this year just disappointed me. I guess if the Tokyo were the only one I could tolerate it, but the group as a whole was a step down in my opinion. I am anxious to see if they still have the Seattle, New York, Boston, London, & Chicago carried over, and to see what they look like. Admittedly, I could seriously get into the `08 Langster, or the `08 Langster Boston.

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