26 September 2008

Is Greg LeMond For Real?

So I am going to do something, I would like to think, I rarely do. I am going to be blunt. Now I am usually honest, but I am not usually brash. Today, I'm going to be brash.

Greg LeMond seems like THE biggest douche-bag! Seriously, where the heck does he get off pulling a stunt like he did today? From all accounts, and in the interest of honesty I was not there I only have accounts to go by, he was over the top rude at today's Lance Armstrong news conference. Admittedly I love Lance and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I love all he does, and they do for the fight against cancer and maybe that's why I was so passionate about my disgust for what I read about LeMond.

It seems, again from all accounts, that Mr LeMond had a bit of an issue behaving as an adult. By the sounds of the press conference today, it sounded like LeMond had a problem behaving like a poorly behaved eight year old, but I digress. According to Fat Cyclist
Greg Lemond was in the front row, and jumped in with the first question, and then wouldn’t shut up. He tried to turn this conference into an ad-hoc trial / referendum. It was stupid and obnoxious, and it wasn’t the right time for that kind of ambush.

Now, I love Fatty, but I thought maybe he was exaggerating a bit for the article. So I jumped ship over to VeloNews where I found more on our foul tempered friend Greg. I can't even drop a quote from VeloNews due to the length, and they published only the facts. I encourage you to go over to their link and read it.

Anyway, I just can't get over the audacity of Greg making a spectacle of what should've been a great day for Lance, a great day for LAF, and above all a great day to tighten the shoe straps (as it were) and go forward to kick cancers ass. After all, Greg, this is only partially about Lance. There is a bigger beast here, and that beast is cancer. A beast I pray you never have to fight. LeMond, and everyone in his camp, should be hanging their heads in shame over what happened today. I would say apologies are certainly in order, we'll see if they ever come.


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Andy: Me or Greg?

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CycloneCross said...

When I read about the 'ad-hoc trial' in Fatty's post, I assumed he referred to the lawsuits between Trek and LeMond. While there are lots of people particularly of French descent that question Lance, the conference at Interbike was certainly not the time or the place. I think Greg LeMonde is in his own camp and it's getting awefuly lonely.