18 September 2008

Funk, And I Don't Mean Parliament Funkadelic

OK, first I would love to ask a favor again. As I mentioned yesterday, I added a link to the right hand sidebar called “people I dig because they follow my blog”. If you are one of the regulars, just started reading but like my blog and will keep reading it, read my blog but question why, or just generally want to publicize your profile and blog a little bit more please click on the link embedded in there that allows you to be a “follower”. It will post your profile thumbnail in the sidebar allowing quick access to your profile and hence your blog.

So a while back I complained that Things Could Only Get Better. Once again, I am in the midst of, what I like to call, a "stoopid funk", er, phunk? Anyway, I'm back into a weird funk that is effecting my work, my riding, my family, and I just can't figure it out. I really wish I knew what was the root of the problem, so I could address it, kick it's butt, be done with it, and go on with life.

I really should complain and whine, I mean, I got a ride in today. Mind you, due to the amount of light right now it was only a ten mile ride. I guess I should be happy there too since it was a ten mile ride on pavement and trails, and it took me just under 45 minutes which puts me at about 15 MPH. I'm still loosing weigh, albeit a bit slower now, and inches. I still get my exercise in. I should be happy so why am I being a miserable douche?! I just don't get it. I guess I just thought that I would be below 180 pounds by now, but I'm just below and around (depends on the day) 185 pounds. I guess I thought, read that as hoped, I would be comfortable with the idea of doing a race this year, I'm totally not comfortable with where I am at in regards to being able to race, and race well. Finally I think I thought that I'd be way further along in my progress at work. Chalk all of these things up as I'm just unsure of myself. Sucks, no?

At this point the only thing that keeps playing through my mind is that Sunday September 28th a group of us are meeting at the Ohio Erie Canal Trail for a 40 mile trail ride. We'll start at Rockside Road in Independence and follow the 20 mile ride South to Akron. In Akron we're going to break for lunch, and a couple beers. Assuming a couple of beers stays a couple of beers the plan is some of the pack might ride back, anyone who doesn't want to, or can't, ride back could hop the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway Train back for $2.00. It's part of their "Bike Aboard!" program, a $2.00 fair one way when you board with your bike. Save about $13 off their usual $15 fair. For the record, if anyone is in the Cleveland area and wants in on this, just contact me via my "contact me" link in the upper RIGHT hand corner of the RIGHT hand sidebar. (Yes, Andy, RIGHT. Thanks for the catch yesterday!) It's a classic case of the more the merrier.

Well, for now I think I'm going to workout a bit, and crash. Thanks for letting me vent a bit. Hopefully tomorrow will be more upbeat.


Judi said...

Oh wahhhhhh - talk about ME whining.

If you feel like you haven't worked hard enough, it's time to buckle down and get your ass in gear. Set some goals. JUST DO IT.

Cycling Phun said...

OK, nike®... "just do it"
Hope all is well with you Judi... Today was an awesome day, more about it next week!
You guys should come up from Cinci next Sun... Just sayin'.