30 September 2008

Please Vote For JIMI on Forbes Magazine Website!

Mike O'Neill dropped me a line today to let me know that Mr Smith (maker o my FAVORITE wallet ever - The Jimi had some great news about their company. Apparently Forbes Magazine picked Mr Smith as a semi-finalists in their national small business competition, and they now have a chance at winning $100K to help us crack through to bigger markets.

Voting is now open to the public, but VOTING ENDS TUESDAY!! The public will pick the top 5, and those companies go to New York to present their business plans to a full panel of experts. So Mr Smith needs all the votes they can get! Plus,like I said, it’s crunch time: they were bouncing around the top slots, but they've dropped a bit and, again, voting ends tomorrow - Tuesday.

Here’s the link, if you would be so kind to vote: http://boost08.perfectprize.com/voting/

They're five down on the left on that page (just look for Mike O'Neill and his handsome mug) - when you see it, just click the box and vote. One piece is that Forbes sends you a confirmation email that you need to click for your vote to register, and some people have said that ends up in their junk mail, so please check.

Also please don’t be shy... forward this link! - Friends, family, enemies, neighbors, people you want to impress, work mates, bloggers, EVERYBODY! – it could make all the difference, as we’re right down to the wire.

Also, keep watch, I'm going to be giving more JIMI stuff away soon!

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