19 September 2008

Something Has To Change

OK, last time, I promise! I would love to ask a favor again. As I mentioned yesterday and the day before, I added a link to the right hand sidebar called “people I dig because they follow my blog”. If you are one of the regulars, just started reading but like my blog and will keep reading it, read my blog but question why, or just generally want to publicize your profile and blog a little bit more please click on the link embedded in there that allows you to be a “follower”. It will post your profile thumbnail in the sidebar allowing quick access to your profile and hence your blog.

So I am still in the funk. I had a great day at work, but it's still being stifled by the funk. I should be pushing hard right now, I should be kicking some ass! I should be setting the example. I should be stepping up. I should be taking the bull by the... Horns, taking the bull by the horns. I should be THE man to catch. Get the point? I've been a slacking so of a...

As you guys know, I regularly read quite a few blogs. I follow Wah quite often and he's been posting about the success of his career at Risdall. It gets me thinking, it gets me just cocky enough to think, "why can't that be me? What am I doing that is hampering my success like this?". I read something from Highway Munky where he talked about Matthew 7:12; "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you." Now I have conviction! Now I'm just pissed. Now it all makes sense!

It's not what can I do to be a success, it's what am I NOT DOING to be a success. It's, why the hell are you making excuses and not just doing everything in your power to make it work! I think it's all starting to make sense. Really. Oh, and for the record, Munky, it's not coincidence!

So, tomorrow. Tomorrow was going to be a bit of a slack day. Come in, get some work done, blow off a bit for lunch, come back, probably half-ass the end of the day a bit, do some cleaning, and cut out early. Some of the guys decided they were going golfing, change of plans, go to lunch and slack off starting at noon. Hmmmm, virtually NO ONE will be in the office. Hmmmm. It's going to be 70-75ยบ and sunny tomorrow. Perfect weather for...

OK, change of plans. Hell with all of it. I get up early, I ride in to work, I put in my morning hours, meetings and all. Lunch, maybe I'll bring something to eat... ooorrr maybe I'll do a quick 4 mile loop and get a stellar salad. Yeah. Come back, and bust my rear the rest of the day. Lead by example. Don't tell the new guys how awesome you are, or what you can do, because if you can't SHOW them talk is just that. what good is a ten thousand dollar month if you can't replicate it? Show them, show everyone what it takes. Show them that you can be on top. Talk is cheep, actions are what matter.

If this doesn't get me out of the "phunk" I don't know what it's going to take.


Highwaymunky said...

As we say in old Blighty.
"Go on my Son! Take that phunk by the bollocks and give it a damn good hiding!"

Try more fruit & juice it may help.

Bluenoser said...

Character is what you do when no one is looking. Don't do it because you think the others are watching but because you are.