17 September 2008

Weekly Roundup September 17, 2008

OK, first I would love to ask a favor if you wouldn’t mind. I added a link to the right hand sidebar called “people I dig because they follow my blog”. If you are one of the regulars, just started reading but like my blog and will keep reading it, read my blog but question why, or just generally want to publicize your profile and blog a little bit more please click on the link embedded in there that allows you to be a “follower”. It will post your profile thumbnail in the sidebar allowing access to your profile and hence your blog.

I am, still, in the midst of chaos. Mostly the “making the kind of money I need to support my hobbies” type of chaos. I’m still doing OK with my weight loss, but I still need to focus on the structure aspect of the Lean Look workouts. I am getting some exercise in, and loosing weight and inches. Bluenoser seems to be doing very well also, I think I might have to plan a cycling trip to Nova Scotia next year. Anyone in? Anyway, without further adieu, I give you the Weekly Roundup!

Competitive Cycling: I have a new joy in my life! I’ve really been getting into another blog lately, Competitive Cycling. It was made all the better by the fact that Groover’s most recent post was near to my heart. She posted about how she was Making Piroggies. The way to a mans heart! Like I said, I’ve been enjoying the blog, and just wanted to share.

Cozy Beehive: Ron’s witty humor had me going a couple times in this post. An example of this could be seen in the first line of the post. The story is surrounding a topic that Ron loves to report on, parts failure in the cycling industry. Specifically, the Ax-Lightness Daedalus Seatpost Failure. In reading quite a few of these now, and seeing everything from seatposts, to forks, wheels, and so much more, I have to wonder if the weight savings is really worth the price paid?

Fat Cyclist: This week Fatty breaks the awesome, important news in the Exclusive: Lance Armstrong Returns To Professional Racing (Plus Insider Reactions. The FCFNS (Fat Cyclist Fake News Service) gets the exclusive story from Lance in regards to his return to cycling. He also gets the scoop from Astana, Greg LeMond, Christian Prudhomme, and even OLN (er) VS… Well, Al Trautwig anyway.

OK, That’s all I have for now. Hopefully the weather will hold so I could get a ride in the next couple of days. Also hoping to get out for the Saturday Dr Myles Coburn Memorial ride. Anyone here going? Hope to see a lot of people there. As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.


andy said...

hmmm....not seeing anything on the left. perhaps i'm just dumb?

Cycling Phun said...

I think Andy needs to get a prize for that... calling me out with style!
Andy-Or I'm just a jacka** and fell asleep six time while doing the post. Thanks for catching that man!