03 September 2009

Riding Is Good

How true it is. I got out on the bike for a very quick ten mile spin, and was amazed how good I felt. I was a little bit out of practice, but I pulled out the mountain toy and hit a series of paved roads, followed by crushed limestone trails, followed by paved roads, followed by crushed limestone trails, follow... Oh, sorry. You get the idea, right? It was a local spin, around the neighborhood, but it was like the first time I had seen parts of it. I wasn't trying to kill it like I used to. I wasn't doing intervals or anything I was just enjoying the time on the bike. Seeing things in the neighborhood that I didn't previously know existed.

I felt the ride a bit more than I would have liked, but I've been stressed and have not been sleeping. I have a feeling that played into it. I realized I hadn't been shifting at all. I would be pedaling along and hit a hill, jump out of the saddle and power through it. I didn't think, I just rode. I looked down at my gearing to see where I was, knowing that I hadn't been up or down shifting. I was in the big ring on the front, and sixth gear in the back (eight ring cassette), which I have to admit I was pretty psyched about.

It's a great feeling. Just you and the road, great sunsets, animals running around, nature all around you. It makes you remember that there are good things in life. It makes you one with those things. It reminds you where your place is. A time to get into your own head and contemplate, and a time to leave that all behind and dump the crap from your head for a brief period in time. Ah yes... Riding IS good.


Red Bike said...

I fully agree.

Bluenoser said...

Greatest stress relief there is and still keep your balance.