18 November 2009

The First Week Of Weight Loss. So Far, Uh, So Far?

Well... Hello to Bluenoser, Munky, Clyde, Lily, and Trio. Where to begin? So the first week started at a 193 weigh-in on Monday. Since then, two thirteen plus hour work days have given way to poor eating, lack of exercise and being completely wasted-tired by the time I got home. So the bottom line is as of Wednesday morning, still a not-so-svelte 193.

I did not manage, due to time and lack of planning, to get my muesli made, so I have not kicked back on the Muesli Diet. For those of you who may be new or not remember, I lost a ton of weight through exercise and a diet of Sprocketboy's Muesli. I will be going back to Muesli starting Monday.

I also hope to get a, roughly, twenty-five mile ride in on Saturday and a shorter fun ride, mountain bike, on Sunday. I will also be getting back in the habit of doing some of the "Lean Look" exercises.

How about you guys? Also, anyone else who is interested in joining else on the fun, feel free to jump in. Just leave your info in the comments section.

Cheers, for now!


Big Clyde said...

Highs and lows for me. I could use some advice. I rode 36 miles on Sunday (65 miles for the week), all in prep for a 36 mile race this weekend. But after a lot of miles, I eat. Trying to find the right foods to restore calories and energy, without adding weight? Ideas anyone?


trio said...

Big Clyde, same issue here I get a lot of bike miles but can't help myself when it comes to chocolate!!!

Judi said...

everything in moderation.

Bluenoser said...

189.5 on Monday Phunster. Looking for 180 on Jan 1st.

Ride, work out, eat moderate, listen to Judi Clyde.


Bluenoser said...

Forgot about the muesli... been eating oatmeal for breakfast.

I'll make up a batch.


Harp said...

Good luck on the weight loss. I'm a little over where I want to be but I'm waiting until after thanksgiving.