23 November 2009

Weight Loss Week Two

So this whole "not having a computer at my disposal" crap is killing me! When I have the time to get out a post, I don't have to computer to do it. With that said, this weeks weight loss post will, still, be a bit lame.
As you probably know by now; myself, Bluenoser, Munky, Clyde, Lily, and Trio have all agreed to do something for the time being about some extra weight in our lives. My first week started at a 193 weigh-in on Monday of last week. This week I was still at the same 193 as of Sunday morning, and forgot to weigh on Monday. I have started some very minimal exercise, but have not had the opportunity to get out on the bike as I said I would.

I am, however, back on the Muesli Diet. Last time I did Muesli I lost a ton of weight. It was Sprocketboy's Muesli that he recommended. I started Muesli-fest today, Monday.

Going into Thanksgiving on Thursday I plan on cutting back food, and no beer except on Thursday. I also need to pull out the workout routine I was doing out of "Lean Look". For anyone looking to drop a few pounds, I highly recommend this book.

Would love to hear what you're doing, if you're trying to keep the pounds off during the holidays. Leave me a comment, and check back soon!

Cheers, for now!


Big Clyde said...

Okay, I just read some of the earlier comments on our weight loss deal...looks like I am in a VERY different weight class than all of you skinnies out there. I will officially weigh tomorrow, but expect to be in the 320 range. Still, this is a cool blog and I want to stay in. I have been training for my first race this past weekend...35 miles and it was a blast. Lots of riding coming ahead, so I feel good about losing 10 pounds.

Thanks for making this, uh, phun!

Big Clyde

Big Clyde said...
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Cycling Phun said...

Hey man, no worries! I was 230-something two years ago. My big problem, as of late, is maintaining. When I stress out, I eat! When I eat from stress, I eat CRAP! Bar food, fried stuff, pasta, etc, etc, etc. Some people here are, like, 150 with a body mass index of, like, 14% (they make me sick, but I like them). Others are 250 with a 24% BFI, some are 350 with a 38% BMI. The bottom line, and I think I speak for all of us, is that we enjoy what we do, riding, and have a great time reading and talking about it.
Much in the same way some of the readers race three to four weekends a month, some of us don't race at all, just ride for fun. Bottom line, everyone is welcome, and the readers are AWESOME, inspirational, and great motivators, without being the least bit offensive.
Thanks guys!! Seriously, you rock. Thanks for keeping up with the blog, and keep up the good work, Clyde.

Don (aka Phun)

Bluenoser said...

Big Clyde,

Riding is riding and weight loss is weight loss. The numbers don't matter.

You're part of the the gang no matter.

I lost one pound this week guys. 189 down to 188. Started the Lean Look workout on Monday also Phunster.


Anonymous said...
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Big Clyde said...

Congrats to you, Bluenoser, on your 1 pound loss and thanks to both of you for your comments. I agree with the "riding is riding..." philosophy. Simple and effective.

I weighed in at an even 320 this morning, which is down a few from recent months, but I have been avoiding the scale. My focus has been on riding miles, regardless of what improvement is seen or not seen on the scale. Now that I am going on faster and longer rides, I hope to begin losing weight more quickly.

So, to our challenge, I WILL weigh 310 on 1/1/10.

Big Clyde said...

Phun-people, I like this idea so much that I wanted to share it with my friends that follow my blog. So, I grabbed the idea and encouraged them to either come here or comment on my site to join in. Hope this is cool. Your idea may impact more people this way and I am grateful to you. Thanks.


Cycling Phun said...

Absolutely cool!
The more the merrier!

Lily on the Road said...

Big Clyde, we all have to start somewhere!

good for you to take up the challenge.