26 June 2009

Beer Review for the weekend: Dogfish Head - Raison D'etre

I decided to do this review for a few reasons. One is that I really liked the beer, and generally like the beers of the brand. A second reason is that I just started reading the owner of the company's book "Brewing Up A Business". and finally, I have had a limited amount of contact with the company for business reasons, and I have to say that they may be the coolest people ever! The beer itself? Well, I think the tasting notes will say it all.
APPEARANCE: A dark burgundy, slightly rusty brown brew with just the slightest of head, and almost no lacing.

AROMA: An extremely malty, sweet smell, with a slightly spicy rum or sweet/spicy "alcohol" smell like brandy or something.

FLAVOR: A definitely malt front note, with wonderfully smooth sweet caramel, date, and molasses notes. Also a a very noticeable flavor of grape or raisins, green raisins? This is not too sweet, but it is sweet, with little to no hop bitterness here.

PALATE: A medium bodied brew, that is pretty well balanced. No bitterness, no notes of alcohol, all about the sweet malts and fruit flavors.

MOUTH FEEL: A somewhat thick almost syrupy brew. This beer is extremely lightly carbonated, but is still rich and flavorful.

NOTES: The beer is a rich, creamy, lightly carbonated 8% ABV beer that I have to say I think would be best as a desert beer. I am a big IPA, DIPA, DIIPA hop-bomb beer drinker, but I could easily take a couple of these down as an end to a meal. I think this would go particularly well after a steak or the like. Something hardy!

Admittedly I took that from Dogfish Head's website because I forgot to take a picture. Hope they won't mind.

Like I said a great beer, put out by seemingly great people. I would say this, have a savory meal and then enjoy one of these bad boys afterward and enjoy your evening.


Highwaymunky said...

Good Name for a beer!

Cycling Phun said...

WOW! Good call... I totally didn't touch on the meaning of the name...
Raison D'etre - Reason to Live!