17 June 2009

Cheers To A Primo Recovery Drink

It's official. According to a study done in Spain at Granada University researchers have pulled the trigger on a prime recovery drink for post-workout hydration. What is this, you ask? Water, right? Nope. A pint! That's right folks, apparently Some guy named Manuel Garzon "duped" twenty five students into a several month research project. This leads me to ask the, seemingly obvious questions of (1) Why don't I get asked to participate, and (2) Why can't I get funded to run tests like this?

Long story short, and this has been said for years, it appears that the CO2, sugars, sodium, etc. act somewhat like a sports drink, best I could figure. It allows for quicker absorption and faster hydrating. There is also a theory out there that the carbs replace the much needed carbs burned in a strenuous workout. Anyone who has done a Cross race could've told you that, though.

They noted a "slightly better" hydration in the subjects who drank beer over water. Wow, two jokes here (1) The subjects who got the water were pissed, and immediately burned the test facility to the ground. Or, (2) The subjects who got the beer were later quoted as saying, "Screw a pint. If it hydrates that good, I'll take a growler!"

Alright, enough of this. I just wanted to throw that out for all of the nay-sayers of beer. As Homer Simpson once said, "Beer. The cause of, and answer to all of life's problems!" Did you really need an excuse to kick back a pint, anyway?

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