17 August 2009

Lance Takes Leadville

In what can only be described as a thumping, Lance Armstrong beat six-time Leadville winner Dave Wiens. Not only did Lance win, he crushed the course record by better than fifteen minutes... On a flat for roughly the last ten miles of the race. The final results of Leadville shape up like this:
2009 Leadville 100 MTB Race results:
1. Lance Armstrong 06:28:51
2. Dave Wiens 06:57:02
3. Matt Shriver 07:09:48
4. Alex Grant 08:10:54
5. Len Zanni 07:11:21
6. Max Taam 07:16:56
7. Travis Brown 07:22:05
8. Manuel Prado 07:35:27
9. Mike Hogan 07:35:35
10. Jason Tullous 07:35:47
I guess if you have to lose a race, Lance is the guy you want to lose it to, no?

On a sad note, Fatty Crashed Out for his first DNF ever. By the looks of things, it seems like he's lucky to be alive. Here's hoping you feel better soon, Fatty!

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