11 August 2009

This Just In: Sahquille O'Neal Must Be INSANE

First, sorry for the missed post on Monday, it's been a crazy weekend. Saturday was the eleventh anniversary of my marriage to the most amazing woman on earth! So we celebrated with dinner (which turned out disastrous, but still fun). I then took Saturday off to get sick. Sunday was craziness early on, and dinner with friends at night and working on a bit of a side project (which will come to light eventually). All wrapping up today (Monday) with me taking a sick day, yeah still sick, and spending the day with my wife for her birthday. Hope all y'all understand.

Well if you haven't heard already, or are a bit behind the times when it comes to technologies like Twitter, Facebook and the like, let me be the first to tell you. Shaquille O'Neal has officially gone way off the deep end! Shaq apparently Tweeted "I challenge u to a race any time any place, it's time someone challenged u" to Lance Armstrong. Since that time Lance, and his crew at Mellow Johnny's, have been bagging on Shaq. With Tweets like (Lance) "Hey @the_real_shaq, you don't want none of this...", and (Mellow Johnny's) "We ordered a bolt of lycra for Shaq RT @lancearmstrong: Hey @the_real_shaq, you don't want none of this.." This is just great! I would love to see Shaq race Lance.

On a side note: I hope Shaq can do something in Cleveland this year. Seems like a 'great idea'. Sign the guy on the way out of his prime. Only time will tell, and Lebron can't do it all on his own.

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