21 August 2009

A Message To Team Fat Cyclist Philly

Hey all! Sorry the posts have been sparse, but things have been CRAZY around here. I'll explain more about that next week, but for now I wanted to send some love to Fatty and the rest of Team Fatty Philly. As you've read I regretfully will not be making it out to Philadelphia for the Livestrong Challenge, but I wanted you to know that I am thinking about you guys and praying for a happy and safe Livestrong Challenge for all of you.

Some facts: Philly is now at 197 registered members raising a total of $267,150.66! That means that so far Philly raised more than second place Seattle at (112 members) $151,473.40, Austin at (162 members) $128,282.37 (still two months to go here, though), and San Jose (81 members) $69,440.90. Now the even more awesome news there is Elden (Fatty) and the rest of the team, all 552 members (holy cow!) have raised $616,347.33 to date. Double freakin' holy cow!!

Elden you have TOTALLY rocked the house with Team Fat Cyclist, you totally rule! I continue to pray for you and your family and wish all of the best for you. Same goes for everyone riding in Philly. Payers & Blessings to you all, and God speed!

Finally, Elden, can't wait to see the 2010 Fat Cyclist Gear! I'm still hoping this year will mean Fat Cyclist fishnet half shirts in bright pink!

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