13 May 2009

Beer Review: Buckeye Brewing - Bling Bling

If you live in the Cleveland area, and appreciate good beer, you know that Cleveland has a veritable cornucopia of places to get good craft brews if you seek them out. Likewise, there are a handful of local breweries if you know where to look. One such brewery is Buckeye Brewing. Buckeye sells there beers at a handful of select local specialty shops, as well as their restaurant Buckeye Brew Engine. They have a huge list of really great brews but today, I'll focus one one: Buckeye Bling Bling.

Bling Bling is an American Pale Ale, brewed with British Malt, Torrified Wheat, and Amarillo Hops. It's a somewhat mild, malty sweet beer, with a slightly crisp note that would make it a great choice, in my opinion, for a summer night. So, without further adieu and as to not repeat myself, my tasting notes on Bling Bling.

APPEARANCE: Very orange/amber. Little to no head, with almost no lacing, yet constant bubbles.

AROMA: A noticeable fruity smell. Sweet, citrus and a light malt smell.

FLAVOR: A light hop taste, with a more noticeable fruity, citrus, and maybe almost apricot or peachy, kind of note. Some lightly malt finishes the taste off.

PALATE: Definitely a light to medium-bodied beer with and ever so slightly creamy mouth feel. No heat (of alcohol) whatsoever.

NOTES: At 6.5% this falls out of what I would usually session, though I could easily drink this a session beer. It’s a bit crisp, and could take a few down without a second thought on a hot, humid Cleveland day. Bottom line, do whatcha gotta to get your hands on one, and try it out. While you're at it, pick up a couple of Buckeye's other beers and see what you think.

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