15 May 2009

Chaos Once Again

Let me just say that I am in a "hate everything" frame of mind. Seriously. Every time I think I am just starting to get to a point where life will become normal, something throws it completely off kilter. I am dying to try to keep up with writing, I am dying to get out and brew more often, I am dying to try to get out on the bike, and I am trying to balance work to make enough money to live. Never mind the fact that I still don't know how the hell I'm possibly going to afford the trip out to Philadelphia, let alone the place to stay and food for the LiveStrong Challenge. Things are seriously falling the &#$% apart... quickly! Hence, I've made a decision about my life, and that is as follows:
I need to find a way to make each day of my life thirty-six hours long. Furthermore, I need to be able to sync that in such a way that I am not trying to fulfill obligations with others while they are sleeping, rather I need them to stay up roughly twenty-eight of those thirty-six hours. Crap... OK, I need the hours in the day for everyone to by thirty-six, and everyone needs to be up twenty-eight of the thirty-six. There. given the previously mentioned timeframes, I will segregate my day in the following way. The first fourteen for work, seven for family, and the final seven alternating between brewing and cycling. The eight leftover will be to sleep.
That shouldn't be a problem, right? And just to maintain health over brewing... I'll allocate four days to cycling and three to brewing. I figure this way, I'll maintain a certain level of fitness.

A perfect example of the chaos? I had every intention of riding to work everyday this week. Yeah, guess what? Never happened. I literally did not have the opportunity to bike in once this week. Between storms and having to drive in to work to be able to drive to off site meetings, to needing to be in at ungodly early/late hours and crazy time constraints... It just sucks. This weekend? Not going to be a bit different. The only saving grace? Sunday is rainy and crappy, and I get to brew.

I need a vacation from life. Seriously. Sorry I've been updating less than regularly, but please bare with me. Next week will be a new week, new stories, some brewing and some really good, really limited beer reviews to come. Have a great weekend, and let's meet back here Monday, OK?


Harp said...

I know how you feel man.

Bluenoser said...

Amen to that.


Judi said...

look for a new job. srsly.