21 May 2009

Cavaliers: Monopolizing My Time

How do I even begin. When your team scores 33 points in the first quarter and then another 30 in the second?! Seriously?! Top that off with ending the half with a shot from damn near the foul line... of the opposing team! Wow, just wow.

You could probably guess that I am going to be of little use during this entire post as I am watching the Cavs MANHANDLE the Orlando Magic. For as great as the first half was, the second half? We kinda blew. Not being mean, or critical, just saying. When you start the half +15 and wind up tied with just over five minutes in the game? That, after we were -3 at one point. Seriously started to fall apart quickly.

The bottom line is this, there are six more games to come! We haven't had a championship in Cleveland since the 1964 Cleveland Browns! This could change the face of sports in Cleveland. So for now, I leave all y'all with the greatest commercial ever. If I have to explain, you wouldn't get it anyway.