26 May 2009

Memorial Weekend Phun

You'll likely realize soon enough that the title is sarcasm. I had big plans for the weekend. Yard work, repairs & maintenance around the home, finish at least one of the two bathrooms, and finally a ride. Nothing epic, just twenty-five or thirty miles, enjoying the weather and scenery. Of course, as my life lately seems to be, the entire thing went to pot.

Friday wasn't horrible. I ate well, did some work in the garden, found one more of the seven hop plants coming up (now at three of seven), messed with the veggies I planted (only melons and pumpkins came up so far. Looks as though I'll be buying peppers, tomatoes, and squash. Freakin' figures), had a few beers, and watched the Cavaliers. It was awesome! Not only did I really enjoy kicking back to watch my Cavs play, but they won with the most amazing buzzer beater I've ever seen in my life.

That, my friends, is where the fun ended. So I woke up Saturday morning sick as a dog. I ran out to get paint and some miscellaneous items to finish the bathrooms. Figured by the time I came home I'd surely feel better. Yeah, not so much. I was way off. I spent most of the day between the couch and bathroom (sorry for being mildly graphic, but...) before watching the Lakers beat the Nuggets to lead their series two to one and finally crashing out for the night.

Sunday wasn't much better. Woke up feeling like butt. Spent some time with the family for a late breakfast/early lunch, and got home. Worked, a bit, on the bathrooms and crashed. Did some more work and crashed. Had some dinner and crashed. Notice a theme here? Yeah, I couldn't do too much without feeling like I was going to die. Let me just point out, this is the first three day weekend I've had since I cannot tell you when. So, it would figure I'd be sick just to screw the whole thing up. The night wasn't much better as I watched the Cavs get beat by the Magic and watched them slip to Magic two, Cavs one for the playoffs. It sucked, hard.

Monday was, finally, a different story. I got out and picked up all the crap I forgot to get on Saturday. Got a ton of things done both inside and outside around the house. Cooked out, had a steak, some beers, good time with the family, and finally got in a ride.

I felt good, and just needed to get out. It was a beautiful 70-75ºf, windy but not too bad, pollen didn't seem bad today, so it was just perfect. I only got in about ten miles at a solid 16-17 mph (no computer on the mountain bike, not 100% sure) clip based on distance and time. I got to see so much cool stuff today too!

Look close in the middle here, and you can see a deer. The tiny thing under it? Her baby. The tiniest deer I've ever seen.The cows were out grazing.Even the river looked particularly nice today. All in all, it was a great way to end a weekend that started out pretty crappy.

Hope all of you had a great weekend! See you again tomorrow.

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