12 May 2009

Crappy Monday Night Ride

First, I guess an apology is in order for not having a Monday post. You may, or may not realize, that my posts are done the night before. This would mean that the lack of a Monday post means that I punked out Sunday night and did not bother to write. For this, I am sorry. There's been a lot going on, none of which I would care to talk about here, nor would I think it appropriate to talk about here. So, with that said...

Monday night ride was tonight, which will be last night when you read this... Get it? It was Monday night, and it sucked so big and so hard! It was a mere 15 miles at a clip of only 15.6 MPH, it was cold as hell, and my lungs and legs were spent. I am so unhappy, I cannot begin to express it in words.

Saturday I spent the entire day up and down a ladder hanging fifteen or so foot lines for my hop plants,and trying to finish the bathroom. It's for that reason that I didn't get a post done. Furthermore, it is for that reason that my legs feel as though they might fall off at any minute.

Sunday was mothers day, so I spent the day with, both, my mother and the amazing mother of my kids. If I haven't mentioned it before, which I have but not nearly as often as I should, my wife is the coolest wife ever. If you have a wife, I apologize, but mine is cooler... Deal with it. So bottom line is nothing got accomplished. Wake up, cook, eat, shower, church, cook, eat, mom, wife, cook, eat, wife, kids to bed, wife, bed. That is the day in a (poor put together mess of words that is supposed to resemble, but does not make a) sentence.

Monday I got up early, got out the door early, everything loaded in the cat because I realized I could not ride on account I had to get to the chiropractor before work and couldn't get there and than to work on time if I rode. No biggie. I was riding after work with six friends, so we're all cool. I sat for thirty or forty minutes, I think, at the chiropractor, got to work later than I wanted but barely on time. I got a bunch done before the Monday meeting, I rocked a ton of work before lunch, and was on cloud nine.

After lunch, check the email. Three of six are now out. Two are out on account something came up, OK. One is out because he won't able to come out and I just forgot. Now I'm a bit down. I busted ass and got some serious work done in the afternoon. Took a break, made a couple calls, One out flu, one out after a double century over the weekend, and, finally, the sixth and final out due to work. Hence this: I ride on a crappy day, feeling crappy, solo. Nothing sucks more than when you know you need the accountability of friends to keep you going, and you know you're not going to have it.

I rode a non-mapped route, in an unfamiliar place. Mistake. I knew where I was at all time and never got (couldn't get) lost. The problem was every damn time I turned a corner I turned into a cul de sac. Serious. That was likely a good part of the reason for my slow ass ride. I had to break on the cul de's that were crumbling apart from the Cleveland winter. It just sucked.

Well, the bottom line? Tomorrow, er today, is a new day. That, and as long as the Cavaliers kick Atlanta's ass tonight, er last night (?!), I'll be fine come tomorrow, er today... Tuesday. Go Cavs, give me something to be happy about! Catch you guys tomorrow for a Roundup, then some beer related and maybe end out the week on a biking note. We'll see.


Highwaymunky said...

Chin Up Sunshine. Group rides Never go as planned. Never!
Glad that Sunday was good for ya.

Lazy Lowrydr said...

Hey, it's your blog. Punk out all that you want, not much we can do about it. And group rides aren't all there cracked up to be.