18 May 2009

Those Of You Who Really Know Me & 24

Those of you who truly know me, know that I am an "intricate" person. I say that because I, feel like I, am not always the easiest person to appreciate, let alone love. I had a good amount of time to look at what I am doing, what I want to do, and where I hope to be in the years to come. It was nice, really. I haven't stopped long enough in a while to reflect on where I am or want to be in a while, it was long overdue.

So, why do I bring it up here? I would like to share this with you, because you have been a part of my life. You have given me encouragement when I need it, criticism when I was way off when speaking my mind, and in general just encouraging. I ask that you please continue that as I go through, what is sure to be, a transition. I am still all about cycling. I am a bit more about brewing right now too. I will likely be splitting time between the two. I need to get my train on for Philly, and I need to be pushed toward that. I also need to get my brew on. It is a longtime dream of mine to brew on a semi-pro or professional level, ie: for competition or for a brewery, and I came to the conclusion that it's high time I put up or shut up.

I need to focus more on family and less on bullshit that is not moving me forward in family, life or career. This is hard, on account I have my hand in a few different things that I feel are very important, but I am beginning to question how important, and why. I feel like it comes down to this; I need to be more selfish. I need to focus on my God, my family, and myself. In that order. I need to stop appeasing those who "don't matter" and start focusing on those who do. I need to stop neglecting the important relationships in lieu of those that are only serving to lead to distraction.

With that said, please understand that the blog is going nowhere! I think this is medicinal to me. It keeps me grounded and you, it's readers, hold me accountable for all of the shit I try to get away with. That's where you come in. I ask that not only do you, please, keep reading. Also, please ride my ass like never before to keep me accountable as I go through this journey. Everyone needs encouragement and accountability, and I am no exception.

OK, I think that's a good place to stop for now. So, with that, I'm going to go for now. Crash out, wake up, get to work, come home to some friends and dinner, watch 24, and crash out again. Tomorrow is a new day, and that is how I need to take it. One day at a time. Thanks, in advance, and please help me to keep it real.

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Lazy Lowrydr said...

I aint no English major, or nuttin, but you sure do like them commas, I think?