01 July 2009

Coolest Race EVER

I just got an email today from Colavita Ohio Cycling Club, by the way thank you Roger. Anyway, Roger contacted me about a race in Ohio that I've been wanting to do for a few years now. Not for the reason you are probably thinking, but because it sounds like an awesome time. You see the race combines the beauty and excitement with the joy and deliciousness of donuts.

That's right folks, September 12 is the date, the 2009 Tour de Donut in Arcanum, Ohio! For those of you unfamiliar with the Tour de Donut, it goes something like this:

You line up for a mass start then follow a 30 mile route. This years route follows lightly traveled rural roads over flat terrain.
There will be rest stops, and at each checkpoint stations you eat donuts. They'll also be providing plenty of fruit and other refreshments for those who don't want donuts, so no worries. Donut consumption isn't mandatory but you get a five minute time credit for each donut you eat, so I'd recommend manning up and taking one for the team. OK, I'd just recommend donut consumption. What this means is if you do well enough on the cycling and eat enough donuts, you could go into negative time. Seriously!

They will time this, but it's not a race, and they ask that all traffic rules must be followed during the event. The roads will not be closed to traffic during the event, helmets are required, and the ride goes rain or shine... No refunds.

For more information you can contact Roger Bowersock at info@colavitaohiocycling.com, by phone at 937-548-2511, fax 206-338-4434, or by snail mail at 1098 Buckeye Dr. Greenville, OH 45331.

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Bluenoser said...

Watch out for holes left on the road Phunster.