28 July 2009

Weekend Ride, Finally!

It was a good weekend, that came from a bad event. See what I didn't mention in yesterday's post, the one I actually posted on Sunday about the final stage of the Tour, is that while I did see the final stage, I didn't necessarily enjoy it. You see I thought ahead enough to set the DVR to record it just in case I overslept, which ironically (or less than ironically) I did. So I get up, grabbed a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats, and crashed the couch to watch. I turned to Versus and, imagine my surprise, found a black screen. Hmmmm. This isn't right. I've watched every damn stage of the Tour, or at the very least the replay at night. Well, Time Warner screwed me again.
Sidebar: (OOH! Been SO long since I did a sidebar!!) I HATE Time Warner. Their cable is overpriced, sucks, is unpredictable as hell, and my internet is wicked slow for the tier I am paying for. I wish like hell I could tell them to stick it, but they are the only provider where I am.
OK, back to the story. So they were of no help whatsoever, and I was getting no where with them. So I logged on to Versus and watched the magical 2x3" screen of joy! Not what I had in mind, but it was the final stage, and I saw it.

Well, long story short, I got totally honked off by this. Anyone who knows me well knows this; I ride well when I'm mad! So, after about a month or so of not getting out on the bike, or anything resembling a bike, I geared up, grabbed the mountain weapon and was out. "A quick 10 mile jaunt," was the answer to my wife when asked where I was going and how long. About two, two and a half hours, and twenty-five miles later I returned home. The ride was about 60% streets, and 40% crushed limestone and mixed surface. The "mixed surface" included a shallow tributary to a river, which at about 80-85ºf was awesome. To make it better? I cleared every hill on the route like a pro. OK, like an amateur,but I cleared 'em!

I got home with the legs SCREAMING, but they were screaming in that "good" way. You know the way where you pop a couple Advil and have an amazing afterglow smile. Yeah, that good. I almost stumbled down a flight of stairs trying to walk down them, from the pain, but it was so worth it. I wish I could've got pictures from the ride, but the camera is finally DOA. Hey, anyone know anyone at Nikon or Canon interested in getting a review of a camera? I'll be happy to do one? (heh heh) Well, hope you can say your weekend was excellent like mine!

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Lazy Lowrydr said...

Hey now I didn't mean to take to cheap of a shot at ya. At least you still get out and ride once in a while.

And I just got back on the web and caught up this week. Took a little vacation for RAGBRAI.

Didn't ride much but did consume quite a bit of beer. So you're talking about beers really doesn't hurt.

Peace and stay safe with the family.