09 July 2009

Stage Six Tour de France

I know... I said I'd do this sooner, but I didn't. So, I'll make it really quick:

It rained
It was in Spain
Millar kicked butt and led a good portion of the race to get owned in the end... finished stage twentieth
More rain
Hushovd owned at the end
Couple great crashes, one at the end
Ugly weather, OH!, and rain
Lance is still about a tenth of a second off the lead
Top three overall standings still the same: Cancellara, Armstrong, Contador
Still catch it live at Versus
Contest from Versus... see the TdF Versus widget in the right sidebar
Oh, did I mention the rain in Spain... Yes, mainly on the plain

See you tomorrow. Work should be sane enough to update at the finish of the race.

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