15 July 2009

Another Plus For Beer?

I’m taking a break today from covering Tour de France because I have a theory. Maybe if I stop talking about the Tour and try not covering it for just one day, maybe Lance will kick into full gear and kick everyone’s ass.

For today, I will share a quickie about a great article I recently read in the Winston-Salem Journal. The article was about a Wake Forest University School of Medicine study that found Low Alcohol Intake Could Ward Off Dementia. Apparently according to their findings, "What the researchers found is that for moderate drinkers who had no sign of cognitive problems when the study began, they had an average 37 percent reduction in risk of developing dementia compared with abstainers. The type of alcohol consumed didn't matter." This was based on the consumption of eight to fourteen eight-ounce drinks per week. While the alcohol consumed didn’t matter, my recommendation, of course, is craft beer or home brewed beer.

There is one drawback to the consumption of alcohol in more mature adults. It appears that “for older adults who have mild cognitive issues, any amount of alcohol consumption ‘was associated with faster rates of cognitive decline.’ [Further] heavy drinkers with mild cognitive issues were found to be nearly twice as likely to develop dementia compared with abstainers with similar issues” according to the article.

The bottom line here, guys, is like anything else it comes down to moderation. I mean, hey! Beer can even make for A Primo Recovery Drink.

Homer Simpson said it best, when he said: "Beer, the cause of and solution to, all of life's little problems."

*Quotes taken from the article posted in the Tuesday, July 14th Winston-Salem Journal, "Journal Now sight. Low Alcohol Intake Could Ward Off Dementia, written by Richard Craver.

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