30 July 2009

Weekly Roundup July 30, 2009

I had a meeting that went late after work on Tuesday, and generally write the posts the day before. Example, right now it’s Wednesday night and I’m writing the Thursday post. That’s how they go live at midnight every night. So, you can, kind of, gauge how busy I’ve been by when I miss a post. Just a weird bit of insight into the life of the guy known as “Phun”. Also, I am debating what to do. I have a GREAT beer review that I’m dying to get up, but I am riding to work, and then doing a ride after. So, Friday will be a surprise to you, and I may (pretty likely) have a Saturday post as well. Thank you all once again this week for stopping in and reading! It was fun to keep track of the Tour de France, even though some of the posts were a bit short, and I have been able to have some good discussion regarding the tour with both some readers, and some of my friends. With that in mind, I want to give you a Weekly Roundup.

Travels With A Tin Donkey: Speaking of the TdF, Sprocketboy shares a throwback to the Tour with a look at a real “weapon”, Fabian’s Time Trial Frame: The Shiv. It never ceases to amaze me how absolutely sick the new technology is getting. Seeing this Specialized frame reminds me why I am such a fan of Specialized. I have bought a few bikes in the last couple years, all of the Specialized, and for reasons like this SICK piece of weaponry.

50K Loop NS: I’m just going to throw out the suggestion that Bluenoser should change the name of his blog, right now, to “One Sick Sh__”. Hahaha, I’m only kidding BN. You see, he has set his mind to do the insane, and insanely cool, but it has him (and the rest of his readers I’m sure) asking What The Fork?. I’m going to hold back from getting too into it, as to not ruin the story. The bottom line is (1) EPIC freaking riding to take place, (2) Life changing events to occur, and (3) I am jealous. Best wishes to you , BN, keep us updated!

Miles And Madness: Ah yes, it is that time of year again. A time for everyone to start their training for the big races, and to start thinking about Iron Man races and Judi is no exception. Judi got out and took aPeak At Iron Man Louisville. Apparently the acupuncture that she has been undergoing has done wonders too! The crazy back pain that she was feeling? Gone! Just further proof that between acupuncture and (My favorite) chiropractic, holistic medicine is the way to go, and the wave of the future.

Competitive Cycling Groover, out in Oz, is also getting her training on, and she brings up a great point, Alberto Makes It Look SO Easy! I couldn’t agree more. I have a ride home from work that is a mere ten miles. It is ten miles long, but ends with (about) miles six through nine in 400 feet of climbing +/- and the hills are about 5-10% grades if I take one route, and 19% if I take the other route. This is assuming the calculator I was using holds true and map my ride are correct. Admittedly, I take the first. Regardless, the hills in my hood are pretty constant, and it leaves me feeling like a failure, after seeing the guys on the TdF looking like they’re going out for a Sunday ride. Great read, Groover, keep up the good work, and I’ll keep banging out the hills till I can clear ‘em like the pros.

Fat Cyclist: Finally, I wanted to drop a line to Elden and the Fat Cyclist community. Things have been rough for Fatty’s (Elden) wife Susan, and he’s been keeping the “extended family” of blog readers updated on how she has been doing. According to Elden, Susan is in an ugly place with her fight with cancer. Please, go check out his blog, and leave Elden, Susan, and family a word of encouragement in the comments section. Then get over to his Lance Armstrong Foundation page and donate to LAF. It’s linked in the sidebar of his blog. As always, sending Love and Prayers from Cleveland!

Well, that’s all I have for this week. Today, I ride in to work, so psyched! Remember to be thankful for all you have, and say a prayer for those struggling right now. Phun Cyclist, out.

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