17 July 2009

Weekend Beer Review: Pyramid Curve Ball

I wish I had better things to say today. The Tour de France is still "status quo." If you have no Idea what I mean, check out the last three or so posts... nothing has changed. So, with that in mind, I am going to give you my latest beer review for the weekend. Likewise, I wish it was better news, but... Well... Read for yourself...

Today I will review Pyramid - Curve Ball, Blonde Ale. Like I said, I wish it was better, but here goes...
APPEARANCE: pale yellow, straw yellow color. One finger head and lacing? What lacing?

AROMA: The first thing I get out of this is skunk. It doesn’t quite smell bad, but it reminds me of skunked beer. Like Heineken in a bottle. A definite grainy and malt smell, with no hop notes to speak of.

FLAVOR: The beer reminds me of either a ricey taste or a hint of instant mashed potatoes. Definitely a LOT more grainy than I am used to, with a bitter cereal aftertaste.

MOUTH FEEL: A medium-bodied beer, definitely dry yet almost cloying sweet and viscous. It’s also extremely carbonated, a little too much for my taste. This is a second Pyramid I have tried, and I will be hard pressed to try a third, short of them sending me their idea of a great beer to taste.

NOTES: This is a 5.0% K├Âlsch which is, admittedly, a style I am not super familiar with. I have had the Apricot Ale, and was also less than impressed with it. I’m not sure what it is I seem to dislike about the Pyramid brews, but after a negative experience on two I AM, as mentioned, hard pressed to try a third.
I hate o be negative, but I am now a bit biased against Pyramid. If you have had a Pyramid that you really like, or know of, please let me know and I'll consider trying it... If the planets line up and all that jazz.

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Lazy Lowrydr said...

So basically what your now saying is that this is really a beer blog now?