14 July 2009

Stage 10, Le Tour de France - Subtitle: UGHHH!

I can't decide in my mind if this is the single most, or single least awesome Tour I've seen. OK, so on the cool as hell side you have the fact that the top three (save Cancellara owning the first 6 stages) we've seen some different and 'less likely' people in the top five. An example? Nocentini. Armstrong (thank God!), Contador, Klöden, and Leipheimer seem to be in a borring perpetual logjam rounding out the top five. Armstrong was stuck in second in stages 4, 5, and 6, now he's stalled in third stages 7, 8, 9, and now 10. UGH! I just want him to kick into high gear, take the yellow, piss off the French once more and win the Tour.

So, long story short, I could be boring and cut-and-paste over the last five days, but I feel as though I have to post something to fill space. So, there you have it. Now for the (nearly) cut and paste portion. Nocentini is still in first with Contador behind +00:06, and Armstrong back +00:08. Fourth in Stage 10 is Leipheimer +00:39 and Wiggins +00:46.

Well, there you have it! Until tomorrow...

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