28 October 2008

I Need To Find A Cheep, Or Nearly Free Preferably, Bike To Ruin

If you read this blog with any regularity, and pay extremely (read as overly) close attention you have likely noticed something. I would really like to try single speed. Eventually I would likely enjoy trying fixed, but for now I would just like getting used to single speed, and working on the mechanics of my riding without the worries of killing myself with a fixed.

Wah recently posted a Ghetto Single Speed Set-Up, so needless to say I've been surfing around YouTube to find single speed conversions. Not only did I find where to get the conversions, but I found I also found a cool place that sells the kits. Mind you, this guy is overseas, but I'm sure I could find similar in the states. So, maybe I'll have to find a really cheep bike, and go at making a single speed. That would make three projects for the winter.
1) Rehab the Dyno Pro Compe Team Model
2) Make a single speed.
3) Drink beer (this will make sense when you see the video)

Enjoy the video, I really did, catch you tomorrow!


Bluenoser said...

Don't say cheap phun, say inexpensive.
That way you may get a real nice bike to work on.


Sher said...

after the cast, i'm hoping to put something together! i just came across a few freebie old skool specialized frames. i'll let you know what i've got.

Cycling Phun said...

Lucky girl! Where did you find that?