08 October 2008

Weekly roundup October 08, 2008

So I am once again anticipating riding the Ohio Erie Canal Towpath! Once again I plan on getting there über early to get an interval ride in. The date is going to be Sunday October 26th, the time will be later than last, as it will likely be about 40ºf at 10:00am if I’m lucky. There are some things that kind of suck about the northeast, but I promise the views and pictures will be well worth it! Also we’re still talking about starting up autumn lunch runs to Lake Erie and back at work, look like that’ll start next week. Anyway, without further adieu, I give you the Weekly Roundup!

50K Loop NS: Bluenoser officially launched a new blog. You may remember that he felt like Somethings Wrong… last week. Well, he’s officially started up the new blog, One Brazing Bastard. This blog will be devoted to him building up his first bike frame! He will still post the usual stuff, like, 05.10.08 over at 50K Loop NS as well. Can’t wait to see how the frame build goes. It’s something I want to try someday.

Fat Cyclist: Fatty had an awesome one on one session with Doug Ulman this week, and shared his Q&A With Doug Ulman, President Of The Lance Armstrong Foundation. He had a great array of questions for Doug surrounding Lances return to racing, how if will effect LAF and their 3 goals and the Global Cancer Initiative, and then Katherine, a LAF representative, preceded to go through the comments section and answer reader questions that they asked. Proving once again that the Lance Armstrong Foundation is on class act. One that I recommend anyone looking to donate to a worthy cause look into!

Cozy Beehive: Ron just had a really sweet story last week. Apparently, or so rumor has it, Kurt is working on the Kurt Kinetic 911 Trainer: Kinetic Energy To Stored Power. What does this mean? Apparently it means that we are going to turn human beings into something like hamsters. Alright, seriously… It means that you’ll be able to ride, store generated power and then use the stored power (about 1000 watts per 2 hours of riding) to power items, up to an “average house for about a half day.” Right, they don’t live in my house. It would be interesting to see what materializes.

Miles And Madness: Judi, over at Miles and Madness, got in Lots Of Miles. She brings up a great point too; autumn is upon us, and so is climate change. For her that’s not so bad… 80-60 up north however… Going from 70-80 in the mornings to 30’s and frost in, like, a week. Looks like it was a fun ride though. Also, pretty cool how Dominic helps the town kids with their bikes. Kudos on that!

Well, that’s about all I’ve got this week. Keep checking in if you think you could ride in Cleveland on the 26th. As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

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Judi said...

B didn't even tell me he had a new blog. HMMMPH.