29 October 2008

Thoughts And Prayers Are With Fat Cyclist And His Family

I'll try to be funny again tomorrow, but today I just can't bring myself to be funny. I want to do a weekly roundup, but it's just not in me. I read Fat Cyclist today at lunch, and just got a sick feeling. If you've ever had someone close to you go through cancer, you know just how much it totally sucks. If you've had that person go terminal you know it sucks beyond anything you can ever imagine. It is a very surreal thing. Right now Fatty is just working on Getting The Ending Right.

Please take a minute to think of Susan, Elden, their four children, and all of their family. Whether it's a Prayer, a kind thought on his blog, or just spending time appreciating all of life's little blessings and thinking on what Susan and her family are going through right now. Send Prayers, love, good karma, whatever you feel appropriate.

God Bless and
WIN Susan!

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Judi said...

I just can't believe it. Hard to imagine going thru something like that.