02 October 2008

"It's My Birthday!" Said The Blog

Wow, I simply cannot believe it! Wednesday October 1, 2008 was the official first birthday of Cycling Phun, the blog. There are so many feelings going through my mind surrounding the blog. There are so many reasons why I do the blog. There are so many people who I've never met face to face, yet I feel as though they are friends I've known personally for years. I hope, and it might be a dream, that someday I will get to meet some if not all of you. Your kind thoughts and words keep me writing almost everyday.

First off, I want to share a minute on the concept. I've been asked, "Why fun?" and it's a good question. Phun came about years ago when I was a DJ. A comment was made about my music that I was spinning and someone said something about me being "fun" and there was a reference to DJ Fun, and I blurted out, "Yeah, but it's with a 'PH'." Ever since, I was DJ Phun. Phun just stuck, and it seemed an appropriate moniker for the blog.

The reason I do it is a bit complex. One component of the blog is that it acts as an outlet to engage in mindless drivel about cycling, and a way to do it without boring my wife into a coma. Another reason I do it is admittedly a bit selfish, I think. I think the internet is an amazing tool to share thoughts, words, feelings, a way to leave a legacy. Mind you I am, at times, a bit embarrassed at the thought of the, again sometimes, shoddy legacy it might become. I would love for my family to one day be able to look back at what I've done, enjoyed, thought, felt, and get an idea about what makes me, me. Finally I do it for the social aspect of it. I enjoy the community that has sprouted up here. It's a small community right now, but there are regulars, and new visitors everyday. We share thoughts and comments and have a great time. I would love for this blog to get as big as Fat Cyclist's, but as long as people keep coming, reading, and enjoying what I'm doing I'll be here.

As far as my friends, wow. There are so many people who I've had the opportunity to meet, not face to face, but on the blog. People who have left comments, emailed me, chatted with me, or won a contest and we've had some sort of contact that way. I've had a couple of companies so far who have agreed to help with swag for contests and who I've put up ads for based on their generosity. The out pouring of help to get up and rolling has been awesome, I cannot thank you all enough. Again, without your kind words and favor I would not be able, nor would I want to do this blog. I have hopes to further reach out to readers, and companies, to further this blog and make it as enjoyable for the reader as possible.

One thing that I've mentioned, kind of in passing so far, that is a bit of a dream of mine is an idea that I had while talking to Bluenoser is to have a "blogger ride" in the next year or two. I would love to throw out an open invitation to all of the cycling bloggers, and see if we can get a group of riders out every year to a different location. Can you imagine one year we ride the Cleveland area, the next year Bluenoser takes us around the 50K Loop in Nova Scotia, maybe the following year Harp hosts a tour of Lincoln, NE, etc. How awesome would that be? The whole idea started when I mentioned, kind of tongue-in-cheek but also kind of seriously, to Bluenoser that I would LOVE to come up to Nova Scotia and ride the loop with him. His answer was, "I like your Idea of a ride up here and I have lots of room. A late fall ride would be good... the roads are empty and the weather is cool in the evenings but great in the days. Lets throw it out there and see what happens?" This is the amazing community that is starting.

Once again I would love to try a bit of an experiment that I've done in the past. If you read this, please take a minute to post your name (or alias), where you are reading from, and )if you have a blog) a link to your blog in the comments. Allow other people who may read this blog, but may not have seen yours just yet, the opportunity of finding your blog and enjoying your writing. So far there is a small, I think, close knit group that always reads each others blogs, and comments on them regularly. I want to take a quick minute to say thanks to those who fit this category, you guys are the best! You keep me motivated, inspired, and have kept me accountable on my weight loss project, training and generally with what goes on in my cycling life, and in this blog. Those people are:
The "Cleveland Crew":
Bunny Hop Rockstar Thanks for the tips and fittings!
Cyclone Cross Thanks for the rack!
Ray's Racing Adventures Hope we'll get to race sometime.
My motivational crew, and those holding me accountable in my weight loss and pushing me to ride better:
50K Loop NS Bluenoser for motivation & accountability to lose pounds!
Travels With A Tin Donkey For the awesome Muesli recipe.
Fat Cylist For his weight loss challenges, inspiration and sharing his life.
Harp Rider for giving me crap when I needed it to try harder.
Miles And Madness For, also, giving me crap to work harder.
Let's Rock... For motivation while she too lost weight.
The Wah Report Jared for reminding me when I need to HTFU.
Finally, just generally people who make my day a bit brighter by allowing us to share in their stories, I check these every day:
Cozy Beehive
The Tales Of Little Red Riding Hood
Competitive Cycling
Cycling Paradise
Finally, the people who keep me on the road, and writing about it:
Spin Bike Shop Don, John, Brian, and Thom you guys are awesome!
Jimi Mike, awesome product! Thanks for giving me the chance to get the word out for you!
Cyclepassion Anke, Thanks for being the first contest, I love your calendars!
Yehuda Moon & The Kickstand Cyclery Rick, your comic is amazing!
I apologize if I left anyone out, I don't think I did. You guys are the best, and I grateful for having met you!

Well, I think I went on log enough, so what better way to end this than to give some stuff away! I still have some Jimi stuff to give away! So, if you're interested, be one of the first six people to contact me via the "contact me" link in the upper right hand sidebar. I do have to limit it to people within the US and Canada, as I am paying postage on these things and to send it overseas and it's twice the value of the Jimi Wallet to ship it overseas to boot.

Thanks again, keep riding, and always have Phun!


Bluenoser said...

Aw shucks. Did I mention I live in a tent? With an outhouse?


Lazy Lowrydr said...

Like I could be in the top six for contacting ya. I'm just slow that way

Lazy Lowrydr said...

Oh yea, and I'm to slow to start a blog too.

Judi said...

awwwww....phun, you are getting sappy.

Cycling Phun said...

Bluenoser: I'm not sleeping with you in a tent, man... I just saying that now.

Lazy: You were actually the first to mention something. Are you going to startup a blog soon? I didn't link to you since you don't have a blog to link to.

Judi: Getting? Really? This just proves you don't know me as well as you might think. I am TOTALLY a sap!

Lazy Lowrydr said...

Sorry phun, no plans to get a blog going. Just signed up for ease of commenting on blogs like your's and Fatcyclist.com

Sher said...

Thanks for the shout out Don. You are especially keeping me entertained while I am on the road to recovery and off the saddle for the next few months.

Keep me posted on the 'Tour de Bloggers'... lets get SF on that list too!

Also... small world note. I was at a birthday soirée last night in Sunnyvale with a big group of mountain bikers who all wanted the inside scoop on Ray's MTB! Clevo made the hot list!

Keep the blogs coming friend. xo.

Ron said...

eblogger at cycling phun domain name:

Many man happy returns of the day!

I must say that first comment from Blue got me laughing. Good luck with the "tour de finding place to sleep".

As for "tour de bloggers" not a bad idea at all, but until i get myself a vehicle I'm not going anywhere!

Bluenoser said...

Hey phun check out the new blog...


... and ron, phun can pick you up next year on the way by.

In fact harp could pick phun up first then you.

In fact harp could pick up judi and D and then phun and then you.

Man, harps going to need to get his bus permit.

For sure if snob decides to come along.


Bluenoser said...

In fact I was checking out an MTB trail today and where else but in Nova Scotia can they put a swamp on the top of a mountain?

Bring your River John'ers.

Nova Scotian for rubber boots.


Cycling Phun said...

Lazy: Do me a favor, hit me up via the contact me @ upper right hand corner of the sidebar