07 October 2008

Last Chance To Win The Cycling Trip Of A Lifetime!

I put this in the Weekly Roundup this past Wednesday, but I thought it was so cool, and it has gotten so much cooler, that I had to post something about it again. My apologies to Fatty for taking so long to do it. File this amazing opportunity under “Holy Crap!” Fat Cyclist in cooperation with Brad Stratton, who hooked a an AMAZING opportunity with, Ciclismo Classico is having what might be the coolest contest EVER! Fatty is giving away a chance to Fight Cancer, Win A Cycling Trip To Italy! No sh__!! You think that's cool, right? Well, it gets better, Maybe You'd Rather Go See The Tour de France? Seriously, now you can choose either the Maratona dles Dolomites or the Tour de France if you are the lucky winner of Fatty's contest, and you'll be rocking your new Fat Cyclist jersey on the trip, and get to choose one of three styles of Minnehaha Classic Canvas Bags. OK, so only one person could win the trip BUT there's always second place. This is a cool second too. Second gets you a LiveStrong jersey in your size, a Fat Cyclist Jersey your size, and your choice one of the three styles of Minnehaha Classic Canvas Bags. Third Still gets a Fat Cyclist jersey and the bag!

The kicker to this whole deal is a chance to win only costs you FIVE BUCKS! Seriously! Five bucks could get you a, nearly, $5000 trip! The catch is you have until the end of Tuesday to get entered, so go to Fat Cyclist right now and enter!

At last check (21:15 EST 10/06/2008) they were at $15.076! An unbelievable amount of money. We've got 24 hours to help get that up to $20,000 and to win a sick trip to boot! So go, do it now, and while your at it DIGG this story... Keep it in the loop so they can raise a ton of money for Lance Armstrong Foundation!

WIN! Susan!!

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Bluenoser said...

I'm in like flin phun.