16 March 2009

Another Crazy Insane Weekend

Wow, where to even start. I guess a decent start would be I was at 180.8 on Saturday morning. Mind you, not my lowest in the last year, but lowest since November. That's a big was due to the rest of the weekend. So Saturday morning I worked out for the first time in a week. Felt like hell too. You see, if you're going to stay in shape it's important to actually try. I have been missing the ball on that one. After the workout the wife and I and the kids went to the dirty bird for our youngest one's birthday lunch. After that I did get a ride in, but it was fun not function. I got out in the park with the eldest, he's finally comfortable with his riding to get away from the confines of the local roads. It was our first time riding together where we were out on something resembling tails, the sap in me wanted to cry and I was pissed... the camera? It's broken. Dammit!

A debt of gratitude to Larry Bell, of Bell's Brewery. THANK YOU! Thank you, more than I can say for Hopslam!It's a luscious Double IPA and one of the most amazing beers I have tried in my life. Right up there with Stone. Both of these companies beers are currently in my cellar, and I am seriously into trying to clone them in the future. *More on that down the road.

Sunday was a unbearable, I woke up feeling like crap. Migraine like you wouldn't believe, pissed at the world. Had a "bug up my ass", as my dad would've said, and decided I was going to start tearing up bathrooms. This is cool, fun, and a great idea. The unfortunate side of this is I also killed a six pack of PBR while doing the work. Mind you, it was over eight hours, but I'm sure the numbers come Tuesday will suck because of it.

Likewise, this week is going to be a tough one. Saturday is my birthday, and there are already plans for indulgence and excess. It will be a weekend of great friends, great food, and great beers. Likely consisting of Willoughby Brewing, and Buckeye Brewing among Lord only knows what else. This could be a record "suck" week for the Lean Look.

Finally, a lousy way to end a weekend. I was at Bluenoser's site Sunday night and found out that he is, apparently, done with the blog. I hope that's not the case, but regardless wish all the best to Thom no matter what! Happy riding bro, if the blog goes away, it will be missed.


andy said...

oh yeah....bells beer is good. that's one of the best things about living in kalamazoo. i like going there and getting the 2-hearted ale when it's on tap.

and it's almost oberon season. woohoo!

Philip said...

great blog....very entertaining

Cycling Phun said...

Why thank you, Philip! Good to see you here!