30 March 2009

Beer, The Cause Of, And Solution To, All Of Life's Little Problems

A famous philosopher, Homer, once said: Here's to [beer]. The Cause of - and answer to - all of life's little problems. Never we're truer words spoke. As for the Philosopher... Not that Homer, Homer Simpson.

As for beer? Beer might just be the bane of my existence. I was doing pretty well just quitting it cold turkey. Well for sometime, actually. I used to brew and consume copious amounts of beer. I was fine giving it up. Or so I thought. I used to plow through bottles, cans, pints, all of it. I used to brew cases at a time and plow through those as well. I decided to nix the brew sometime ago now.

This caused my wife to think that I meant I also didn't want to brew. She was sorely mistaken. Well, long story short short, she tossed the home brewing gear. Yeah, I was mad, but got over it. I cut beer out for sometime actually.

Fast forward to the present. I have recently decided to rekindle my love with the frothy, hoppy, goodness that is beer. I started to enjoy, and for that matter brew, beer once again. It was a love affair that I forgot how much I actually missed. You see, there is something excellent about a good beer. I'm not talking the "get work done" kinds. PBR, High Life, etc. I'm talking about the serious, big, expensive, delicious beers. The big IPA's, the beers with "imperial" in the name, the whole ball of wax.

You may see where the problem is already. In case you don't, here we go...
Beer is fattening! Yeah, I know, SHOCKING! Right? Anyway, in trying to do the Lena Look, I'm pretty convinced that beer is not a part of it. The only up side of my life recently is that I've been SO busy that I forgot to weigh myself this week. I'm sure it would NOT be pretty, however, if I had. The bottom line? I need to get my life back in order. I need to start exercising, let alone working out, again. I need to figure out how to fit some fun into priorities before my brain explodes.


Bluenoser said...

Oh phunster. We are so much in the same boat it's not funny. So much so that I have one oar and you the other on this one.


Cycling Phun said...


We need to stop rowing on the same side... We seem to be going in circles, bro!

Hope all is well with you, my good neighbor to the North! Hope it's getting warmer too!