02 March 2009

Missing The Bike

I just want to say a quick thank you for the kind thoughts and words emailed or facebooked to me regarding the passing of my grandmother. Thank you so much! The funeral was very nice, and relatively happy. All things considered, of course.

Today, I am going to warn you early, is going to be a bit lame. It was a rough weekend. Got NOTHING done, and have no motivation to post. I do have something quick to say, then I'll wrap it up until tomorrow.

In the cold tundra that is the Great Lakes region of the US the winters just suck! Today there was a high of, like, twenty and crazy wind gusts. What this means is that I, not being as terribly hardcore as some, was off the bike today. I was, however, out and about in the weather. Did I mention it sucks? I am at the point of winter that almost every Clevelander gets to. You see, everyone eventually decides that they have had it with winter.

Cleveland has had a particularly long, cold, and snowy winter. We are now at an unusual point. We are at the point where most people are starting to contemplate moving south. A perfect example of this? I had the opportunity to move to AZ some years ago and did not. What the hell was I thinking?!

Here's the bottom line; I need to get in gear. I need to
1) Learn the damn rollers
2) Find the time to learn the damn rollers
3) Make enough money to allow for better training
4) Make enough money to afford better (read: professional) training
5) Get the freaking weights I've needed to get for about six months

Ugh... That's about all I have for now. Tomorrow we'll start anew... Hopefully things will start to turn around real soon.

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Judi said...

ok, so you have typed it all out. just do it phun. fucking do it. that is all.