19 March 2009

Mentally And Emotionally Checked Out For The Weekend

Everything is causing me to stress out right now. I'm one of those people who holds it all in my shoulders, neck and back of the head... It's been painful lately. Thank God for my wife's awesome back rubs, and my chiropractor. With that said I am going to take the weekend to check out mentally and emotionally. Mind you, I made this intention clear, and it has been OKed by my family. So with that in mind...

Firday I'll take some time to pound a couple of PBR's and finish the new project.That's right, bathroom remodeling! One down and two to go. I stripped the first one completely stripped out save the shower, toilet, and sink area. All three will lose their lighting, mirrors, wallpaper, hanging cabinets, and (likely) carpet. Who the hell carpets a bathroom anyway?! For the record, yes... Sunday I did polish off a six of PBR while working (see the second picture in that series). You know what? I was down two pounds for the week... Not going to complain.

Saturday is my birthday, I plan to relax a bit, then indulgence and excess. It will be a weekend of great friends, great food, and great beers. Likely consisting of Willoughby Brewing, and Buckeye Brewing among who knows what else. Lean Look could be ugly as sin come Tuesday.

Finally I hope to get a ride in Sunday and continue the remodeling. So, with that, I'm check out for the weekend. Hope you have a good one, and enjoy yourselves. I'll catch up with you again Monday. Enjoy, and I'll have a brew for ya!


Judi said...

happy birthday phun! the bathroom looks great!

Bluenoser said...

Super Chicken Phunster, Super Chicken.


John Davis said...

Whoa, nice! Ugh, house work. Good thing you had beer.