04 March 2009

Weekly Roundup March 04, 2009

Where to start? Hmmmm, how about; Welcome to Cleveland! The weather sucks! Seriously, it’s been bitter cold and windy. Snowing and raining, and just plain INSANE! I’ve had zero free time, been working two jobs and family stuff. It’s just been a rough couple of weeks. Wanna know what’s funny? I feel the best I’ve felt in about fifteen years! Fer serious an’ stuff! I think, hope, and feel that this stands a good chance of being the best summer of my life. It’s with that stunningly great outlook that I give you the Weekly Roundup.

Harp Rider: Harp was Finally Out Again. I have to say I feel the “not being on the bike” pains… and have had a hard time finding ways to fit in interval training. Like Harp I have been doing well with the core training, so that’s cool! My thoughts and prayers go out to Harp on the tightness that is hitting home. It’s rough tight now, brother, but we’ll pull through! Kepp the chin up, fight the good fight and be there for your wife during her surgery! Again, thinking bout you guys and praying for ya!
As far as the Lean Look for Harp, Harp is coming in at:
Weight: 161 lbs
Neck: 15.5 ”
Abdomen: 33 ”
Body Fat %: 14%

50K Loop NS: Bluenoser points out that today, er yesterday, is √ Day. That’s right! √9 or three cubed, square root day! He also points out the importance of plumbers and, more important, the importance of the plumbers mentality to keep themselves safe. You’ll have to read it yourself!
His measurements are currently at:
Weight: 196.6 lbs.
Neck measurement: 16 "
Waist measurement: 37.5 "
body fat %: 22%

Cozy Beehive: My boy Ron “the engineer” over at the Cozy Beehive gave us another installment of Saturday Stupidity. This was perfect with all going on in my life this weekend. It had me rolling on the floor! Keep up the good work Ron!

Highwaymunky: Munky also had some fun with the very serious idea of Getting Bums On Saddles: A Political Plan. The question is what can we do to get people to ride? Munky has the answers… And apparently he (thinks he) is running for something?! I’d vote for him! I know this is a bit tongue in cheek, but there are some really good points to be had.

Travels With A Tin Donkey: Finally, not to be outdone, Sprocketboy is also dropping a few pounds pre race season. A post, Lance Armstrong = Jan Ullrich? points out his weight loss dilemma, and it’s a good one! I’ll stick to your Muesli for now, Sprocketboy. Best wishes on your race! (smile)

Well, that’s all I got’s for this week. As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

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Bluenoser said...

Hey Phunster,

Check out the two guys on the video over at Jim's site on Unholey Rouleur.

You'll be on the edge of your seat.