13 March 2009

The Easiest To Lose iPod Ever!

I am a total geek for technology! Further I am a raging geek for Apple technology. I have been an official Apple Geek for what seems like my entire life now. Truth of the matter, it has probably only been, like, ten or twelve years. I mean, we didn't even have computers in the classrooms at school until sixth grade. As a matter of fact, thisfrom The Old Computer was considered tiny at one time.

With time came smaller computers, ones that could fit in your home home. As time passed the computers got smaller and smaller. Enter iPhone. Who ever would've thought you could have a phone AND computer in your pocket! Seriously it's insane! Through all of this Apple was the king of "make it faster and smaller". Laptops; lighter, smaller, faster. Handhelds; Newton was the way to go! Newton was thee first handheld personal computer, long before Palm was a glimmer in anyones eye. I still have my sweet Apple Newton M100.Ahhhh, the joys of technology.

Apple didn't only have the first in computers though, not by a long shot. They also had the first viable major breakthrough in music. You know where I'm going, the iPod! Never has anything blown up the way the iPod has. Even if the MP3 player you own ins't an iPod, odds are most people are calling it iPod. It's iconic, it's simple, it's a must have, and now it's ├╝ber tiny!

That's right, enter the new and improved iPod Shuffle,Courtesy Of Apple Inc now 98.36% easier to lose! OK, seriously though. I was a huge fan of my second gen Shuffle when it came out. I loved it being so small, clipping on to your belt, shirt, hat, small Koala, pocket... What, you don't have a small Koala? Don't know what you're missing. Back to the point, now, this thing is so small you could stash it anywhere. A cool thing about the new Shuffle is that they put the buttons on the earphone cord. This would make it way cool if you're using it on the trails and such (not that I would ever recommend that). Another cool thing? OK, it will speak the artist and song to you while it plays. I know, it's a bit cheesy, but it's cool. Oh, and they are now 4Gb! That's right, 1Gb and 2Gb be damned, you're officially on notice! Pick one up now for $79.

Ahhhh, the joys of technology. Now I just need to wait for the iPhone to be usable on Verizon and I'll be golden! Happy Friday the thirteenth! Catch you next week.


Highwaymunky said...

So Cool! I know what my Xmas present this year is!

Harp said...

I got my wife an ipod touch for christmas and it's pretty sweet. I've been wanting to get a new mp3 player (I don't have an ipod) for my road rides. I might have to get that.