10 March 2009

Team Fatty Update, Lean Look Challenge, And Some Cool T6 Stuff.

I feel as though I sound like a broken record, but I wanted to take a minute to throw some love to The Fat Cyclist, and Lance Armstrong Foundation. As You've no doubt read in the past, I will be riding in the Philadelphia leg of the LiveStrong Challenge. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to my Livestrong Challenge fundraising efforts! I am still a long way off of my $2500 goal, $2070 off to be exact. If you’re reading this and you able to help by donating to LAF on behalf of my fundraising effort, you can go to my secure LIVESTRONG Challenge Page HERE, and make a secure donation. Anything that you are able or willing to donate will help, go to a great cause, fighting cancer, and be appreciated. I was thinking about things the other day and thought, "Hmmff, I have about 285 friends on facebook. At $5 a piece that's $1425." I'm sure almost all of the people I have as friends would pony up $5. Then I was thinking along similar lines with the blog. If I had only 10 unique viewers a day, and they were willing to donate $5 to my fundraising efforts that's $50 a day. Basically what I am saying is this; If you can spare anything at all, even a few bucks, you can be part of a rock star fundraising effort on behalf of my father, Fatty's wife, and so many more people. You can also track how I am doing, and there is a link to donate on the right hand sidebar of this blog. The next goal I have in mind is to have $1250 (50%) of my $2500 goal in by March 31, 2009. Thanks again in advance, WIN!, and let's fight cancer.

OK, the reason I am posting this for nine on Tuesday, and not midnight like usual is I am hoping I don't scoop Fatty. Today is an awesome day! Some time ago now, back in November, Fat Cyclist decided to start Team Fatty: Fighting For Susan. Now there are 368 people, and counting... daily that are joining in the fight. To the tune of nearly $130,000. There's still more than three months till the Seattle event, four until San Jose, five and change until Philly, and well over seven until Austin! Can you imagine the money that we can still raise!

Back to the point, Twin Six is an amazing cycling apparel and accessory company. They have been helping Fatty, Susan, Team Fatty, LAF and have been doing so much good for a couple of years now. Well, they're at it again. Now, starting today, you can get your official Team Fatty kits, and gear! So whether you're riding a leg of the LiveStrong Challenge, or just want to help a good cause get to their Fat Cyclist or Team Fatty pages and order some FC gear for your rides.

OK, now my numbers for the Lean Look! See, I didn't forget, I'm just doing Tuesday now... Remember?
Weight: 183.6
Waist: 36.5
Neck: 15.5
Body Fat % Calculation Estimate: 21

So long story short, I'm up three tenths of a pound for the week. I need to focus on doing intervals and core workouts again... I can't say the last time I did either. OK, it was Saturday, but I feel as though it's been forever. I can't wait till the weather breaks and I could get back out on the bike... OUT on the bike.

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