24 March 2009

Sorry For The Delay In Updates. Oh, BTW, Lance Fell.

So I need to apologize for the delay in posting. Here, on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, virtually every social networking site, sending out emails, and anything else I have failed, miserably, to update. For that I am sorry. I have been working two different jobs, due to the amazing US job market, to pay the bills lately. It's sad really, I haven't had the opportunity to get out on the bike even. Need to put a stop to that! Things have been crazy, and I will start up again tomorrow (or maybe Thursday) with a weekly roundup, and go from there, again.

As far as what has been going on? If you haven't heard (get the internet... or a TV) Lance fell in Spain. It appears that he might not be able to compete in the Tour dee France (Bob Roll joke, not misspell) this year. So many have focused on how awful this is, and that got me to thinking about it. What I kept coming up with was; is this really a bad thing? Seriously. I mean no disrespect whatsoever. I am a Lance fan boy! I get geeked on Lance, that sounded downright bad, but the bottom line... Will Lance be better off in the long run? I mean, he won seven tours, if there is any chance that he won't win eight, do you want to watch that? I think it would be a sad sight, cyclists everywhere watching OLN, er, VS to see Lance come in top five, or something, and not first. I know I'd be, like, "Ughhh, I really wanted to see him win." Now, I'm not saying I'd be any less a fanboy, but I'd be sad.

Furthermore, he's already done a tone of good for cycling. I watched five channels worth of news in the last two days, and each of them had a full dedicated story to Lance's crash. In a couple cases, Mellow Johnny hat and all! He's also been reported all over the radio in Cleveland. He's brought excitement back to cycling. He put it back on the map... Just sucks how it is that he got there.

Here's hoping that you get better soon, Lance!


td said...

If you race your bike, you will come off. Collarbone breaks are quite common and not that serious. Lance has been extremely lucky in his career to not fall off more, and this is his first ever collarbone break, I believe. It's bad timing, but hardly a season derailment. td

Cycling Phun said...

I agree... If you ride, especially with the consistency it takes to be a serious TdF contender, let alone seven time champ, you need to figure on some serious injuries. He is lucky to have had as few as he has.

I just question if he stands a chance of winning again. The person I am, who loathes failure, would be nearly deathly afraid to race again with the idea that I wouldn't get a win again. I suppose that's a good deal of my pessimism .

With that said, it is now looking like Lance WILL be able to race, and I hope for noting but the best for him.