24 February 2009

Lean Look Challenge Meets Fat Tuesday

This is, admittedly, going to be short, sweet, and to the point! Well, I'll start with this; I did my measurements and whatnot for the Lean Look challenge that I am doing with Harp and Bluenoser. My measurements for today are:
Weight: 183.4
Waist: 36.5
Neck: 15.5
Body Fat % Calculation Estimate: 21
So this puts me at my lowest weight, waist size and body fat % calculation for this year. I hope to God my neck size doesn't change, I really don't want to have, like, a six inch neck.

Anyway, I hope that come tomorrow those numbers will hold up. After all, today is Fat Tuesday, and that of course means Pączki!
For those of you who don't know, Pączki is a Polish treat! Originally they were made for Fat Thursday, the last Thursday before lent, in Poland. In America they've become tied into the whole Mardi Gras deal, and are a celebrated part of Fat Tuesday. They came out of Polish families trying to use all of the fat, eggs, sugar and fruit to prepare their homes for Lent. They look like a jelly doughnut, but they are far more rich than just any old plain jelly doughnut. They're simply the most delicious invention ever.

Well, that's about all I have today. Happy Fat Tuesday, catch you tomorrow!


Harp said...

funny how you talk about paczki after you get done talking about the lean look challenge.

Judi said...

judt wondering how you are getting your body fat %.

Bluenoser said...

We are getting our fat % judi off a set a tables in the book that go by two simple measurements.

If you wanted to really get serious about it you would get submerged and weighed.

This is a winter time motivator to stay somewhere fit. Not super serious.

Here is my measurements don. The measures are the same the weight is down by two.

I just offset 8 hrs of running a chainsaw in knee deep snow, lifting carring and piling 4 foot logs averaging 10' diameter with a donair for supper.

Don't even ask what a donair is, it's a Halifax thing and fatcity. But some good.


Cycling Phun said...

I thought it was a PERFECT *cough* segway...

Thank you BN for answering Judi... Been a bit off the map, again! When you say a Donair, are you referring to the loaf that is sliced and fried very reminiscent, in my opinion, of Gyros?

Bluenoser said...

No way Phunster. Donairs are Donairs.

You have to come to Halifax to get one and once you do... you'll be looking for a way to move here.


Groover said...

@Harp: Amazing how he does this without even taking a breath, hey?

The P-thingies look great. I want one. Now!

Cycling Phun said...

@Groover: they are more amazing than I can begin to express in words. I actually ate very well this past week. Luckily the food we had at the funeral was pretty healthy too!

td said...

A Segway is an electric two-wheeled gyro-thingie, and a trademarked term. Segue is the word you were looking for to indicate a smooth transition between your blog ideas.

Cycling Phun said...

td: and a d**k is someone who would call out a blogger on a serious foepaw (faux pas).

Just railin' on you Thom... good call.