05 February 2009

Campagnolo Announces 22-Speed Groupset

05 February 2009
Cycling Phun Phake News

The cycling world was rocked today by the announcement that Campagnolo will once again put it's competition to shame by introducing the worlds first and only 22-speed groupset! The set, due out in late 2009 for the 2010 season is rumored to be called the Campagnolo Über Super Record Compe Plus Carbone.

Campy has redesigned every bit of the transmission for the 2010 group from the levers, front and rear derailleurs, chain, cassette and crankset. Engineers from Campagnolo said, "This had to be done. once we found out that we could not make the hub twenty two inches wide to fit the likes of the 11-speed chain, we knew we had to cut something down somewhere." They continued, "This lead to the realization that the cassette would need to contain near paper thin sprockets, and the chain thickness would need to be roughly that of one side of an average link."

The new cassette, which only comes in one size 9-30, is just that. The small ring is a 9, which builds to a granny gear of 30. The chain is just under a miraculous 1/16" and resembles that of a cheep bracelet. When asked how these components will hold up under the pressure of rides like the Tour de France Campy engineers had no comment, though reporters did vaguely make out one engineer mumble, "I told you we should've tested this thing before announcing it..." in Italian.

More information is sure to follow, but rumor-mills are saying we are likely to see the 22 speed on pro bike as soon as the TdF.

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