06 February 2009

Twin Six Gives Us The Best Reason To Buy New Gear... As If You Needed A Reason To Buy Twin Six Gear, Right?

Holy Twin Six gear Batman! So apparently Fatty got a call last night from the Twin Six guys. If you don’t know the Twin Six guys by now, you need to! Consider this an invite to check them out and do some good at the same time. Brent and Ryan (Twin Six) have already donated $6600 of their profits on their own Team Fatty LiveStrong Challenge page, but they felt as though that wasn’t good enough. What does this mean?

What this means is that today, Friday February 6, and today only they will be donating half of all our sales to the Lance Armstrong Challenge. Not half of their net, half of their gross for the day to their Team Fatty Page!

These guys are insane! They’re also incredibly cool. So, what can you do? You can help give Twin Six the biggest day of sales ever! To reiterate: Today, Friday, February 6, you spend ONE DOLLAR at the Twin Six site, they give a FIFTY CENT donation to the Lance Armstrong Foundation via their Team Fatty Page.

What’s included? All jerseys, t-shirts, socks, wool jerseys (including the Fat Cyclist Wool Jersey, they will make 25 available tomorrow), cycling caps, everything. It also includes all Fat Cyclist merchandise: t-shirts, socks, wool jerseys, shorts, bibs, cycling caps and bottles.

Also by the magic of the Twin Six crew – Stuff That Was Out Of Stock before will magically reappear. According to Fatty Twin Six will bring back some items that have not been available for some time. “In other words, if there’s something you’ve wanted from Twin Six that hasn’t been available, check the site tomorrow. There’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for.”

So, get your spring gear, something to wear when you ride the Livestrong Challenge, or a gift for that special someone (my birthday will be coming up in mid March), and half of what you spend tomorrow going to the fight against cancer! I can’t wait to see the results!