19 February 2009

Weekly Roundup February 19, 2009

I want to take a quick minute to thank everyone who has donated to my Livestrong Challenge fundraising efforts, and let new readers know that I will be participating in the Philadelphia LIVESTRONG Challenge this year. If you’re reading this and you able to help by donating to LAF on behalf of my fundraising effort, you can go to my secure LIVESTRONG Challenge Page HERE, and make a secure donation. You can also track how I am doing, and there is a link to donate on the right hand sidebar of this blog. My next goal is to have $1250 (50%) of my $2500 goal in by March 31, 2009. Thanks again

The weather is great (sarcasm)! What makes me so sarcastic? The weatherman said “look out!” If you know anything about Cleveland you know this is not a good thing. They’re calling for a pounding! It’s with that bad news that I give you the Weekly Roundup.

50K Loop NS: Bluenoser is sort of stuck in neutral for the Lean Look challenge this week, as referenced by the Stress that he is currently feeling. Apparently he has been feeling less than stellar, and went to the doctor, turns out the stress has got him by the… Well, you get it. Stress sucks! I hope you feel better soon, Blue. His measurements are currently at:

Weight: 194lbs.
Neck measurement: 16"
Waist measurement: 38"
body fat %: 23%

Harp Rider: Harp, on the flip side, sucks! I’m just kidding Harp! I’m jealous of how far along Harp is. I do want to warn though, he started better, but soon I plan to be on his rear wheel, just waiting to overtake him! (wink) Week 2 is looking good so far. Harp is coming in at:

Weight: 162 lbs
Neck: 16 ”
Abdomen: 32 ”
Body Fat %: 14%

There have been a slew of updates on the Internet surrounding the MIA, er, stolen LIVESTRONG TT Bike. You can find great blog posts about the missing bike at:

Cozy Beehive: Ray had some BREAKING NEWS: Inspector Clouseau Finds Lance’s Bike. Apparently it wasn’t a Sacramento Officer after all… Silly me.

Travels With A Tin Donkey: Sprocketboy is also dropping a few posts on the once missing bike. Pointing out that Lance’s Bike Is Back. Also, big congratulations to Sprocketboy on post 250! It seems like there were so many more! Always an enjoyable read, keep up the great work.

Fat Cyclist: Finally, Fatty has been liveblogging the entire Tour of California so far! It’s been a rather enjoyable read so far, you can recap all five days of the race thus far, and read more about how Fat Cyclist readers have raised $6500 for Bob Roll shave (what’s left of) the hair on his head. It’s a riot, I recommend keeping up with it if you haven’t already.

Well, that’s it for this week. As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

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